Intimacy and healing: Utilizing EMDR in couples therapy


Many couples struggle with intimacy and sexuality issues, often, due to the harm done to one or both members of the couple by emotional and sexual abuse from their early childhoods. Dr. Treadway, who specializes in working with couples, will discuss how he utilizes adjunctive short term EMDR in his work with couples and their PTSD issues. Treadway will discuss both referring a member of a couple out for EMDR around their trauma issues so that they might have the privacy of a relationship with EMDR specialist, as well as the value of bringing an EMDR therapist into couples therapy as a consultation and piece of work with one or both members of the couple. Although not an EMDR practitioner himself, Dr. Treadway has profound respect for the therapeutic power of EMDR to clear significant trauma and help clients separate their past pain from their present lives and relationships. Dr. Treadway will also discuss how to integrate the deep healing work into the couple’s relationship in order to enhance their experience of a deep, compassionate, loving connection.






David C. Treadway

Original Work Citation

Treadway, D. C. (2008, September). Intimacy and healing: Utilizing EMDR in couples therapy. Presentation at the 13th EMDR International Association Conference, Phoenix, AZ



“Intimacy and healing: Utilizing EMDR in couples therapy,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed September 25, 2020,

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