The heart of loving: A new model of couples therapy


Dr. Treadway’s new model of organizing couples therapy helps the clients design their own treatment plan. This workshop will show how couples choose whether to work on making changes in the here and now, focus on healing from the wounds of their past, or work through their trauma history from their family FRIDAY of origin. Once couples choose whether to focus on the present or the past, this model then has a variety of additional choices for a couple to explore. Couples might decide to work on communications or behavior changes, problem solving or sexual intimacy. And since many of the couples’ issues stem from trauma in their respective childhoods or earlier in their relationship, Dr. Treadway will demonstrate how he explores the healing possibilities of utilizing EMDR adjunctively or independently. This workshop will particularly address ways couples can learn to be intimate and sexual, despite their inevitable tensions and trauma history. Participants will learn practical techniques and exercises for helping couples talk honestly about their sexual preferences and differences, be more playful with each other, and design their own solutions to sexual impasses. Dr. Treadway will also explore how couples can rekindle romance and bring spirituality into their erotic life together.






David C. Treadway

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Treadway, D. C. (2008, September). The heart of loving: A new model of couples therapy. Presentation at the 13th EMDR International Association Conference, Phoenix, AZ



“The heart of loving: A new model of couples therapy,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed September 25, 2020,

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