Synergism between EMDR & hypnosis: The role of eye movement


The aim of this paper is a theoretical and practical treatise on the synergism between hypnosis and EMDR focused on the treatment of Anxiety Disorders such as OCD, Panic Attack and Phobia. The clinical experience of the Authors suggests that the integration of both these approaches can help either the exploration or the processing of the cognitive and emotional dysfunction supporting the psychopathology of the Anxiety Disorders. This happens through the ability of these two techniques either in recovering and amplifing memories (somatic memories too) identified by patients as the mental organization supporting the pathology or in processing, neutralizing and integrating these memories (counscious and unconscious) till the re-equilibration of the dysfunctional behaviour. This process is due to two proceedings: induction of Alterated States of Counsciouseness (ASoC) by hypnotic techniques and the related changing in the psycho-physical disposition rhythm of eye movements (EM). The changing of the rhythm of EM integrated to ASoC has some important purposes: slow EM underline all the main and subordinate elements supporting the pathology these elements can be processed using quick EM till their neutralization alternation of slow EM and hypnotic periods can reequilibrate both the cognitive and the psycho-physical fields. The therapist has to pay attention in order to avoid the bio-electrical interferences occurring during the alternations of these two phases that could damage the therapy. Actually the Authors are assessing this integrative model of therapy.






Alessandro Grecchi
Vittorio Grecchi
Scilla Beraldo

Original Work Citation

Grecchi, A., Grecchi, V., & Beraldo, S. (2008, June). Synergism between EMDR & hypnosis: The role of eye movement. Presentation at the 9th EMDR Europe Association Conference, London, England



“Synergism between EMDR & hypnosis: The role of eye movement,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed December 8, 2021,

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