EMDR treatment of children and adolescents with a choking phobia


Given the limited number of reported cases in literature, it might be concluded that it is rare to develop a choking phobia in childhood. However, it appears as though confusion in terminology and the time lapse between the onset of the disorder and treatment often results in the diagnosis being missed. In this article, we discuss a review of the clinical symptoms, differential diagnosis, comorbidity, etiology, and treatment options for choking phobia. We present a case series, describing the successful EMDR treatment of choking phobia for 4 children and adolescents, with positive outcomes achieved in 1 or 2 sessions. In addition, a detailed transcript is presented of a 15-year-old girl with a choking phobia related to an incident that occurred 5 years previously. The rapid elimination of symptoms in all 4 cases indicates that EMDR can be an effective treatment for choking phobias resulting from previous disturbing events. Randomized research on this promising intervention is strongly suggested.






Carlijn de Roos
Ad de Jongh

Original Work Citation

de Roos, C., & de Jongh, A. (2008). EMDR treatment of children and adolescents with a choking phobia. Journal of EMDR Practice and Research, 2(3), 201-211. doi:10.1891/1933-3196.2.3.201



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