Cultural challenges to psychosocial counselling in Nepal


This article describes the way in which the practice of psychosocial counselling was adapted culturally to the context of Nepal within the Centre for Victims of Torture, Nepal (CVICT). After a brief description of the Nepali setting and CVICT’s counselling and training approach and the relationship of its psychosocial counselling intervention with existing methods of dealing with psychosocial problems, the cultural challenges of implementing psychosocial counselling and our response to them are sketched along with concepts deemed important in psychosocial counselling. A discussion follows in which the authors’ stance on the export of psychosocial counselling to non-western cultures is outlined.






Wietse A. Tol
Mark J. D. Jordans
Sushama Regmi
Bhogendra Sharma

Original Work Citation

Tol, W. A., Jordans, M. J. D., Regmi, S., & Sharma, B. (2005, June). Cultural challenges to psychosocial counselling in Nepal. Transcultural Psychiatry, 42(2), 317-333. doi:10.1177/1363461505052670



“Cultural challenges to psychosocial counselling in Nepal,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed March 1, 2021,

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