Changing cognitive schemas through EMDR and ego state therapy



Often clients require extensive preparatory work to ensure that they have the ego strength to allow them to experience EMDR. Failure to do this may result in harm to the client and litigation against the therapist. Ego strengthening is required where the client's personality is less than totally integrated, usually indicated by the presence of enduring irrational beliefs and behavior. Such beliefs exist despite extensive evidence to the contrary; for example, a man may believe he is worthless and a failure despite being in a stable marriage and also holding a college degree. Similarly, irrational beliefs often prevent clients from progressing in therapy due to the blocking action they exert on cognitive processing. This chapter examines maintenance fo irrational beliefs and behaviors and a case study that looks at a former police officer in Northern Ireland.


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Michael C. Paterson

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“Changing cognitive schemas through EMDR and ego state therapy,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 24, 2020,

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