Applying EMDR and ego state therapy in collaborative treatment



This chapter will describe the application of the collaborative treatment model to clients who undergo EMDR and ego state therapy with a specialist in addition to their regular therapy. EMDR and ego state therapy specialists are uniquely positioned to assist primary therapists in resolving stalled therapies and enhancing the treatment provided by the primary therapist. We will explore in this chapter the issues that become problematic over time in a course of therapy, which clients are good candidates for collaborative EMDR and ego state treatment, how to develop an effective working relationship with the primary therapist, and how to avoid problems that may arise out of this dual relationship. A detailed case study will illustrate each step of the treatment, from the initial contact with the primary therapist through the conclusion of the adjunct therapy.


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Carol Forgash

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“Applying EMDR and ego state therapy in collaborative treatment,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed September 16, 2021,

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