Integrating play therapy and EMDR with children



Integrating Play Therapy and EMDR with Children is a reference book for clinicians who have been formally trained in both EMDR and Play therapy techniques. Creative and safe methods teach clinicians how to weave experiential play therapy and EMDR together for successful treatment philosophies and actions of play therapy and EMDR are reviewed and integrated so that the inherent polarized energies emerge in a compatible therapeutic balance. This book is not intended to provide training in EMDR, per se, instead, various ideas for using EMDR with children are explored. Integrating Play Therapy and EMDR focuses on the use of traditional child-centered therapy for the post-language child whether they actually use language or not. Because so many children are initially resistant to EMDR this is a very useful tool to facilitate the maximum benefit for the child’s treatment experience.






Victoria McGuinness

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McGuinness, V. (2001). Integrating play therapy and EMDR with children.



“Integrating play therapy and EMDR with children,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed June 16, 2021,

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