"Once upon a trauma in Austin"


Cerebella, a gifted facilitators, is teaching a level I training in Austin when fire alarms in the hotel lobby suddenly create fear and panic in our heroine.

Unable to overcome her trauma on her own, she seeks the help of a renknown EMDR therapist, Dr. Bilatera, a senior associate in the Clinical and Research Mental Health Institute of Dewey, Treat Em and Howe.

Narrator - Marcia Whisman, Amy Glia - Donna Bruzzesi, Hipo Campia - David Ogren, Video Cortexa - Debbie Korn, Anterior Cingulata - Peggy Moore, Broca Aria - Jerry Murphy, Prefrona Lobia - Sue Hoffman, Dr. Bilatera - Curt Rouanzoin, and Imprimatur - His excellency, the most cerebral Mens Sana






Marcia Whisman
Donna Bruzzesi
David Ogren
Deborah Korn
Peggy Moore
Jerry Murphy
Sue Hoffman
Curtis Rouanzoin

Original Work Citation

Whisman, M., Bruzzesi, D., Ogren, D., Korn, D., Moore, P., Murphy, J., Hoffman, S., & Rouanzoin, C. (2001, June). "Once upon a trauma in Austin". Skit presented at the annual meeting of the EMDR International Association, Austin, Texas




“"Once upon a trauma in Austin",” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed December 5, 2021, https://emdria.omeka.net/items/show/18910.

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