Self-help methods, EMDR and trauma therapy following disasters


The time of an expert “treating” a passive victim has passed, and people are searching for ways that they can influence their own path to recovery following traumatic events. There is a general move towards empowerment for individuals and groups within modern health care. This workshop will provide examples of self-help methods that can be used in the wake of disaster and reduce the need for psychotherapeutic assistance. The methods will add to the ‘”toolbox” for the helper that can be taught to individuals or groups to reduce the untoward effects of trauma. Following disasters there will be many who need more than self-help methods and the workshop will provide a variety of examples of how the use of trauma and grief-specific methods, including EMDR, can be applied.






Atle Dyregrov

Original Work Citation

Dyregrov, A. (2006, March). Self-help methods, EMDR and trauma therapy following disasters. Presentation at the 4th Annual Conference of the EMDR Association of UK and Ireland



“Self-help methods, EMDR and trauma therapy following disasters,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed July 30, 2021,

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