EMDR "blind to therapist protocol"



The "Blind to Therapist Protocol" (B2T) is, essentially, that. It allows a client to go through the Standard EMDR Protocol, without revealing the content of the problem. This protocol is often used in conjunction with any client group in which divulging information might be uncomfortable to the individual prior to the use of EMDR. It has been used to treat train engineers, airplane pilots, ship captains, police officers, prison guards, doctors, nurses, paramedics, and firemen—workers characterized by the need to make life-and-death decisions for which they are personally responsible. In other words, those who have memories associated with not being in control at precisely the time when they are responsible for being in control. Another client group that can often have difficulties with divulging information is child abuse survivors where the client fears overwhelming or disgusting the therapist with the nature of the material to be treated. In such instances the protocol is very successful and can be a useful addition to the therapist's repertoire. It helps build the therapeutic relationship by demonstrating to the client that the therapist has trust in them. Once the client has seen how the therapist copes with material being raised, the Standard EMDR Protocol would be used. The Blind to Therapist Protocol Script is presented.


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David Blore
Manda Holmshaw



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