Emergency response procedure



The Emergency Response Procedure (ERP) was initially developed to help victims within hours of a terrorist attack, but can be applied in the immediate aftermath of any trauma. Patients may present with "silent terror," shaking and inability to speak, or if they are verbal, often they are in a highly agitated state. The procedure has been used in the emergency room and during hospitalization. It is also appropriate for immediate intervention at the scene of critical incidents such as car accidents, earthquakes, natural or man-made disasters, and in ambulances. While taking an initial history, prior to the Preparation Phase of EMDR, ERP can be put into effect if patients suddenly abreact. This procedure presumes familiarity with the Standard EMDR Protocol of which it is an adaptation. Clinicians highly experienced in dealing with patients immediately after a traumatic event—who are not familiar with EMDR—will still benefit from this report. Note: This procedure has not received official sanctioning from the EMDR Institute and has not been validated by research. This procedure can only be considered after all medical needs have been evaluated or treated. The Emergency Response Procedure Script is provided.


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