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Reply by the current author to the comments made by Rosemary Masters (see record 2009-02768-007) on the original article by I. Kutz, V. Resnik and R. Dekel (see record 2008-13102-003). I sincerely thank Ms. Masters for her important comments. Indeed, to the list of confounding variables enumerated by Ms. Masters, one may add others like suggestibility. She may have missed the main point of the article—the immediacy of the response. By equating the epidemiological figures of natural recovery from trauma exposure to the numbers described in our study, Ms. Masters is comparing a process that progresses over several months to a process that occurred within a single session that lasted approximately 45 minutes. More strikingly, these dramatic changes in traumatic memories and intrusion distress are tightly correlated with the EMDR set, which lasted a minute or less and appeared within a minute or two after the set. However, since we did not systematically follow up on many of those patients we described, we should emphasize and restate that 50% of our population had complete immediate relief following a single session of EMDR.






Ilan Kutz

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Kutz, I. (2009). To the editor. Journal of EMDR Practice and Research, 3(1), 57-58. doi:10.1891/1933-3196.3.1.57



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