The effectiveness of brief adjunctive EMDR: A pilot study


A pilot study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of brief adjunctive EMDR treatment, in the naturalistic setting of an outpatient clinical office. All clients referred for adjunctive EMDR were considered for this study. A total of 14 individuals were accepted for treatment and completed that treatment, utilizing the standard EMDR protocol. Length of treatment was four to thirteen 50 minute sessions (mean = 8.8 sessions). Each subject was administered five self-report measures pre- and post-treatment. In addition, referring therapists were asked to rate the intensity of one to three presenting problems, pre- and post-treatment. Four out of five self-report measures indicated statistically significant improvement, with significance greater than .001. The effect size was Large or Very Large for those four measures.






Susan S. Borstein

Original Work Citation

Borstein, S. S. (2009, August). The effectiveness of brief adjunctive EMDR: A pilot study. Poster presented at the 14th EMDR International Association Association, Atlanta, GA



“The effectiveness of brief adjunctive EMDR: A pilot study,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed December 8, 2021,

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