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Clients who have experienced severe trauma often feel that there is a lack of safety in their lives. Therefore, it is helpful to have an uncontaminated place where it is possible for the client to meet and get acquainted with the ego states and a place where they can meet with each other and work together. Before this, they may know of each other's existence and roles directly or indirectly. Although all parts do not have to come to the Workplace, it is important for them to know that they are all invited and that they may only sense these ego states or parts and not see them. The use of the Workplace for stabilization activities promotes awareness of the ego states or parts and also develops co-consciousness between the parts. The setting up and utilization of the Workplace is a process and may take time as the client adjusts to the concept and tries it out. Client and ego states' reactions to these ideas that support communication and connection range across the affective spectrum from surprise to relief, feelings of normalcy, disapproval, disgust, revulsion, somatic reactions, or all of the above. This chapter presents the development of the Workplace script.


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Carol Forgash

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