Safe space imagery



Portions of this chapter taken from "EMDR For Clients with Dissociate Identity Disorder, DDNOS, and Ego States" by Joanne H. Twombly, from EMDR solutions: Pathways to healing, edited by Robin Shapiro, 2005.) Since people with dissociative disorders rely on autohypnotic defenses (Kluft, 1994), this version of SSI uses hypnotic language to teach the client to block out intrusive thoughts and feelings and learn how to get their body to a state of deep relaxation. Regular practice of SSI supports the client's stability and becomes a coping skill used for self-soothing, symptom management, and eventually as an integral part of trauma processing. The teaching of SSI early in the treatment begins to give the client a way to manage symptoms, often resulting in a sense of hope and mastery and facilitating development of a positive connection with the therapist. The SSI protocol is useful for many clients with trauma histories and for those with dissociative disorders.


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Joanne Twombly

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