Pain control with EMDR



The treatment of chronic pain is a new and growing application of EMDR. The suitability of EMDR for chronic pain stems from a number of sources. There are similarities and overlaps between traumatic stress and physical pain that would suggest EMDR as an appropriate addition to working with chronic pain. Also, the method's ability to change physical and neurological aspects of trauma bodes well for pain patients. Although it is too early from a research point of view, this application of EMDR has attracted a lot of interest with a growing number of studies indicating that EMDR can be effective in the treatment of chronic pain. Pain experts are excited by the promise of EMDR as a treatment method for chronic pain. This chapter presents pain control with EMDR script notes.


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Mark Grant

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“Pain control with EMDR,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed August 1, 2021,

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