Applied EMDR in sport in the World Equestrian Games of Aachen


I had only three weeks to work. Only 15 days to restore self-confidence, serenity, and determination for a woman rider. One week during the competition.

The woman rider had a bad experience during the Olympic Games of Athens. She had the best and the worst during the Olympic Games, The best was a bronze model and 0 mistakes during the jump.

The worst, she made several mistakes and fell down with her horse.

I felt during the first meeting a big atmosphere of fragility (no self confidence, no serenity, big stress) because there were difficulties with her ex-husband and family (her boys).

We had a short time and I decided to use an arrangement with mental imagery and specific EMDR exercise, like butterfly exercise, to install peak performance.

I used Sam Foster’s protocol for the sport and butterfly technique. We began with a SUD=8 and VOC=6 and the SUD finished at 2. This combination gave an amazing result because she rode well and she had a good result in these world equestrian games of AAchen (semi final: 23 place).

The specific exercise in EMDR (butterfly exercise) permits a peal performance in a few times. I gave you an example about the power of EMDR in sport.






J. C. Lecoq

Original Work Citation

Lecoq, J. C. (2007, June). Applied EMDR in sport in the World Equestrian Games of Aachen. Poster presented at the 8th EMDR Europe Association Conference, Paris, France



“Applied EMDR in sport in the World Equestrian Games of Aachen,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed May 6, 2021,

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