Integrating positive psychology concepts into the EMDR peak performance protocol


This workshop is the first effort to integrate EMDR Peak Performance with techniques from positive psychology, the new science of happiness and excellence and strengths such as courage. The presenter will explain how the EMDR Peak Performance protocol (which she co-created) is based on the standard EMDR protocol with three modifications: the Future is emphasized; resource development is oriented toward empowerment and possibility; and skills are taught to help clients reach optimal functioning. While the ‘Peak’ protocol already had self-actualization as its goal, its efficacy is enhancing by integrating the positive psychology techniques of using: positive emotions in the performance venue of importance to the client; the Appreciative Inquiry method for envisioning the future and for performance improvement; and optimistic explanatory style. Given time constraints; it is not possible to fully prepare participants to use the Peak Performance protocol. However, in an interactive format that include mini practica, participants will be able to: 1) describe the key difference between the Peak and basic protocols 2) help client develop “Peak’ resources 3) begin to establish an empowerment stance with clients 4) summarize the benefits of teaching clients basic positive psychology concepts 5) pursue further learning from the extensive positive psychology bibliography.






Sandra "Sam" Foster

Original Work Citation

Foster, S. (2004, June). Integrating positive psychology concepts into the EMDR peak performance protocol. Presentation at the 5th EMDR Europe Association Conference, Stockholm, Sweden



“Integrating positive psychology concepts into the EMDR peak performance protocol,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed August 5, 2021,

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