Bridging the gap between stabilisation and trauma confrontation


When processing trauma material during the EMDR session, we often see the spontaneous appearance of resource material. This helps patients to come to terms with the traumatic memory. With complex traumatized patients, this material appears far less frequently, and the EMDR process can be much harder. We can support the process by activating specific resources, both before and during the EMDR session.

During this workshop, specific resource techniques will be presented and practiced which can help to stabilize complex traumatized patients and which can also be combined with the EMDR standard protocol: Position of Power, Power Animal, Body Resource, CIPOS, and a protocol for early childhood memories.






Christine Rost

Original Work Citation

Rost, C. (2010, June). Bridging the gap between stabilisation and trauma confrontation. Pre-conference presentation at the 11th EMDR Europe Association Conference, Hamburg, Germany



“Bridging the gap between stabilisation and trauma confrontation,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed August 5, 2021,

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