The negative impact of complex PTSD on health: An EMDR/ego state treatment plan


In this workshop, EMDR and Ego state integrated treatment will be presented as a clinical model for dealing with current life and health problems which the presence of dissociation and PTSD exacerbates for complex trauma survivors (CTS). There are intertwined problems that are made more complex by the presence of dissociative disorders in adult CTS. First: there are negative sequelae of childhood abuse on the physical and mental health of adult CTS. Second, there are specific health problems predominant in this population which often are untreated, misdiagnosed and ignored by physicians and EMDR therapists. Third: CTS have difficulties addressing their health needs, accessing health care, and functioning effectively as health care consumers. Preventative care and good health care may be minimal for this population. This presentation will focus on the development of an EMDR treatment plan to successfully work with dissociative and PTSD disorders prevalent in these patients. Specialized Ego State techniques will be introduced in each phase of EMDR treatment to help the patient stabilize: manage triggers and avoid re-traumatization in the health care setting; effectively deal with avoidance, freeze, hyperarousal and numbing; desensitize and reprocess earlier traumatic events which are at the root of these problems, (these may include iatrogenic events and specific physical problems seemingly related to current health problems, which actually result from early trauma); and become assertive health consumers. Skills development needed by the CTS to become empowered and competent health consumers, such as rehearsal, identifying problems, planning visits etc will also be included in the plan. [This slide presentation has a two page "References" bibliograhy issued separately.(PDF 6065)]






Carol Forgash

Original Work Citation

Forgash, C. (2008, June). The negative impact of complex PTSD on health: An EMDR/ego state treatment plan. Presentation at the 9th EMDR International Association Conference, London, England



“The negative impact of complex PTSD on health: An EMDR/ego state treatment plan,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 23, 2020,

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