The healing power of resource connection (RC)


RC originated when I perceived a need to complement the standard EMDR protocol by emphasizing resources. Coming from a dialectical perspective it appeared that RC may supply accessibility to resources in the same way in which the standard protocol achieves accessibility to the problem when inquiring at the beginning of the session about the Sensory (Picture),Cognitive (NC), Emotional (feelings and SUDs) and Somatic (sensation) aspects of the problem (SCES). The dialectical tension created between the accessible poles of both, the problem and the resource, enhances the healing process by aiming towards a new balance. The clinical experience accumulated in Israel by my collegues and myself in the last four years indicates that the procedure is working well for clients.






Brurit Laub

Original Work Citation

Laub, B. (2003, June). The healing power of resource connection (RC). Presentation at the 4th EMDR Europe Association Conference, Rome Italy



“The healing power of resource connection (RC),” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed November 26, 2020,

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