The three tests: A systemic approach to stabilization


“The Three Tests” A systematic approach to stabilization: Working with severely traumatized clients, we are confronted with many difficult questions, impossible choices and dilemmas: is the client ready for (EMDR-)trauma work, or is more stabilization needed? How do we assess the bearing strength and affect regulation level of the client? What if the client is too unstable because of the trauma symptoms? How can we enhance safety and control without working on the trauma? And if affect tolerance is too small to do EMDR, what can we do? In this presentation you learn to assess the client’s readiness for EMDR in a systematic way, combined with a treatment plan to work on the skills and resources the client needs to develop. The presentation gives many, many practical ideas for interventions and exercises to help the client develop bearing strength and grow towards trauma confrontation. Of course there will be lots of illustrating case stories.






Joany Spierings

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Spierings, J. (2010, July). The three tests: A systemic approach to stabilization. Presentation at the 1st EMDR Asia Conference, Bali, Indonesia



“The three tests: A systemic approach to stabilization,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 22, 2020,

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