Applied EMDR research: EMDR in the treatment of headache


The need for research in the EMDR field has been clear since its beginning. EMDR therapists, like most other therapists, have been reluctant to combine clinical work and research despite offers of support from the EMDR community. One of the reasons for such an approach has to do with the sense that EMDR research has little to do with the “real” work of clinicians. A team of Turkish therapists have decided to develop a protocol for treating chronic migraine headaches. Their work is based on the original work of Grant (1999) and Marcus (2008). The presentation will describe the study they have conducted, the protocol they have developed, and the future possible applications of their work. The ways in which this project can be used as a prototype for further applied research in the EMDR field will be described. A call for more applied research and ways to support it will be made.






Udi Oren
Emre Konuk

Original Work Citation

Oren, U., & Konuk, E. (2010, July). Applied EMDR research: EMDR in the treatment of headache. Presentation at the 1st EMDR Asia Conference, Bali, Indonesia



“Applied EMDR research: EMDR in the treatment of headache,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed August 5, 2021,

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