Moving eyes can heal you


On April 19, 1995 in Oklahoma city at 9.02 am, a car bomb exploded at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. At that moment Linda was dressing in her living room a block away and the blast made her unconscious. Getting back her consciousness after a few minutes, Linda was able to come out of the bomb blast-affected building with difficulty. She was numb with terror. She received hundreds of tiny cuts; yet a doctor certified that she was okay. But actually she was not. She could not function independently. She forgot to perform her simple but essential daily chores. She started to lose four pounds a week in weight. Screaming, crying, scaring became the daily routine during her sleep. She even forgot how to work. Two months later her boss took her to a mental health clinic and the doctor there wanted to admit her to the hospital. She opposed the idea as she was brought up in an orphanage and she strongly disliked such institutions. The doctor then advised them to go to the EMDR free clinic. Linda was brought to the clinic and there a miracle happened. After her first EMDR treatment, Linda's nightmare came to a stop. During the second week she was able to return to her work, and after the third session she was back to her normal life. A year later Linda described her first experience of EMDR as "the weirdest thing I had ever experienced with the exception of the bomb."






Murshida Ferdous Binte Habib

Original Work Citation

Habib, M. F. B. (1998, December 14). Moving eyes can heal you. London, Independent: The Independent



“Moving eyes can heal you,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed June 19, 2021,

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