Republic is our treasure


The Turkish Psychologists Association has initiated psychological treatment for earthquake victims through the Trauma Treatment Center, established jointly with experts from the American Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Institute (EMDR). The Trauma Treatment Center was introduced on Wednesday by Dr. Emre Konuk, the director of the Turkish Psychologists Association's Istanbul Office, and representatives of EMDR Dr. Philip Manfield and Dr. James Knipe. Konuk said they had contacted EMDR three days after the earthquake for psychological treatment of the victims. Konuk, who noted that they had prepared a one-year program as the result of the cooperation, said they established a Trauma Treatment Center for carrying on work as an organization. The training of volunteer psychologists who will work at the center is being undertaken by EMDR, experts of problems related to trauma. Seventeen experts will come to Turkey twice at four-month intervals to provide training to 115 psychologists on active treatment techniques for trauma.






Ilnur Cevikthe

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Cevikthe, I. (1999, October 29). Republic is our treasure. Turkish Daily News



“Republic is our treasure,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed January 15, 2021,

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