The trauma is in the body


In this workshop the presenters will demonstrate how to get in touch and work with somatic ego states by simultaneously activating resourceful ego states in the body Participants will be informed about the impact trauma has on the body. They will learn how to apply EMDR combined with Gendlin's Focusing and Levine’s Somatic Experiencing to the special needs of traumatized persons in a live demonstration and subsequent exercises. Thus, getting the means to broaden the windows of tolerance of traumatized ego states. In this way psychotherapists will be able to supply their clients with a powerful tool for self-healing. The relation to EMDR is that our way of working facilitates the processing of body sensations related to trauma states, even if preverbal. Participants will be enabled while applying EMDR to take into account the need of traumatized clients to be in control by communicating with resourceful as well as with traumatized ego states thus facilitating the processing of trauma. Unique is that you first focus on body sensations on a deep unconscious level (bottom-up), so you directly access non-verbal trauma material which will then be processed carefully with EMDR. Also, the integration of EMDR makes body work more effective.






Elfie Cronauer
Susanne Leutner

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Cronauer, E., & Leutner, S. (2010, June). The trauma is in the body. Presentation at the 11th EMDR Europe Association Conference, Hamburg, Germany




“The trauma is in the body,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed January 28, 2022,

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