Treatment of dissociative amnesia after vehicle accident with EMDR


There is doubt if dissociative amnesias, the forgetting of traumatic memories, are a helpful condition for a patient or not. Clinically especially difficult is the situation if amnesias occur after an accident, where the condition is possibly organically based (like in a brain injury). Often the problems that these patients face in rehabilitation are difficult to understand and often the interventions that usually work with brain injuries are only partially effective. These situation will be illustrated by two cases of severe post accident amnesias (10 weeks and 10 months) and their treatment. Video documentation of the cases and their EMDR treatment will be shown and discussed. Usually effective treatments had been ineffective in both. Both however lost their symptoms and remember the incidents fully after trauma-specific treatment. Both patients have been stable for a year after the termination of treatment.






K. Barre

Original Work Citation

Barre, K. (2010, June). Treatment of dissociative amnesia after vehicle accident with EMDR. In Accident victims. Symposium conducted at the 11th EMDR Europe Association Conference, Hamburg, Germany



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