Integrating EMDR mindfulness & sensorimotic psychotherapy


The watch wait and wonder (www) approach to parental and infant mental health was developed in Toronto over the last 20 years. In the last few years a number of therapists have set up www clinics in the UK. We have been running a joint EMDR and www clinic in the North West since Jan 2007. As far as we know this is the only clinic to offer trauma focussed psychotherapy together with infant mental health in either the UK or Ireland. Over the last 12 months the service has developed as a combined clinic between Adult mental health and child & adolescent mental health services. The team comprises myself and my colleagues Dr Sheena Pollet and Thelma Osborn. Dr Pollet is a consultant psychiatrist in psychotherapy and also practices as a psychoanalyst. She initially receives referrals from the access and advice team or directly from the adult inpatient unit. Thelma Osborn practises as a specialist health visitor in primary care and is employed by the Primary Care Trust (PCT). She runs both individual and group psychotherapy for mothers referred with post natal depression. She has recently completed basic EMDR training (2008-9) I have integrated EMDR and sensorimotor psychotherapy with mindfulness and trauma focussed psychotherapy in a new theoretical paradigm which I have termed integrated reprocessing therapy (IRT). I will outline the use of this approach where traumatic births and neonatal vulnerabilities are a key feature of the presentation Recommendations for the development of parent infant mental health and a tier 3 perinatal mental health services within the 5 Boroughs Partnership Foundation Trust will be outlined.






Arther O'Malley

Original Work Citation

O'Malley, A. (2010, March). Integrating EMDR mindfulness & sensorimotic psychotherapy. Presentation at the 8th EMDR Association UK & Ireland Annual Conference & AGM, Dublin, Ireland



“Integrating EMDR mindfulness & sensorimotic psychotherapy,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed November 29, 2021,

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