Getting stuck: Navigating through the protocol


The focus of this workshop will be the Basic Eight Phase Protocol and most specifically the Three Prongedness (Past, Present, Future) of EMDR. When the Basic Protocol is followed diligently many problems disappear. The presenter will draw on his experience as a supervisor and trainer of EMDR clinicians to demonstrate strategies to deal with mini-impasses in therapy. Questions are welcomed about : how to formulate a treatment plan and find the touchstone memories, how to get well-formed Negative and Positive Cognitions, things to do when reprocessing is stuck, what to do when clients have difficulty identifying emotions, evaluating VOC and SUDs and generating an image with appropriate detail? How does the clinician react when the client "loops" and doesn't seem to progress? Issues of secondary traumatization and vicarious traumatization of the therapist. These and other common questions will be addressed,with ample time for examples and a possible practicum. If EMDR is a church, then the presenter is close to a fundamentalist. We all drift. Let's get back to Basics.






Marshall Wilensky

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Wilensky, M. (2010, April/May). Getting stuck: Navigating through the protocol. Presentation at the EMDR Canada Annual Conference, Toronto, ON



“Getting stuck: Navigating through the protocol,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 21, 2020,

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