Dissociative table technique: Guided imagery strategy for PTSD with dissociation


In keeping with the theme of bridging gaps across disciplines, the Dissociative Table Technique brings to this trauma conference a strategy from the field of dissociative disorders. This therapeutic adjunct has been used by many therapists over the past 10 years for managing dissociated ego states in trauma victims who also have dissociation as part of their clinical picture. This strategy has been used with dissociative disorders, Ego-State therapy and more recently in conjunction with EMDR for patients having dissociative state alterations in addition to their PTSD. This guided imagery strategy provides a protocol for clinical intervention in such clients and will provide an additional therapeutic adjunct for trauma workers when PTSD is complicated by dissociative pathology. Based on gestalt, guided imagery and hypnosis strategies, the Dissociative Table Technique assists the clinician to bring order to the random dissociation which can complicate therapy in such cases. Also clients can be taught to become aware of and integrate dissociated ego states. This strategy must be carefully considered as it can have a profound effect on the dissociative processes. It is advised that it only be employed by clinicians whose fields permit hypnosis-based therapy.The workshop will commence with a therapeutic rationale for this technique followed by an outline of the clinical application. Included will be a video introducing the technique in a clinical case. The video will be followed by a second speaker discussing possible applications to EMDR. Useful suggestions for utilizing EMDR in this trance-prone population (those with dissociation in addition to PTSD) will be addressed in addition to presenting clinical examples in which the Dissociative Table Technique was integrated with EMDR in appropriate clinical groups.






George Fraser
Kenneth Welburn

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Fraser, G., & Welburn, K (1999, November). Dissociative table technique: Guided imagery strategy for PTSD with dissociation. Poster presented at the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies 15th Annual Meeting, Miami, FL



“Dissociative table technique: Guided imagery strategy for PTSD with dissociation,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 21, 2020, https://emdria.omeka.net/items/show/20126.

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