EMDR and diversity: A panel presentation discussion


The workshop will consist of a panel of EMDR clinicians who work with a particular population of clients with whom the clinician shares a background or heritage or with whom he/she has a deep sense of empathy and understanding. Each presenter will explain how he/she came to work with this population. This will be followed by a response to three questions about using EMDR with a particular population. In addition, presenters will explain what special approaches and adaptations (if any) work to benefit the population they serve. They will also address what unspoken issues may be important in treating each population.






David Eliscu
Joseph Fitzgerald
Ana Gomez
Uri Bergmann
Robert Page
Lloyd Cloud
Katherine Davis
K. Olivia Janis

Original Work Citation

Eliscu, D., Fitzgerald, J., Gomez, A., Bergmann, U., Page, R., Cloud, L., Davis, K., & Janis, K. O. (2010, September/October). EMDR and diversity: A panel presentation discussion. Panel discussion at the 15th EMDR International Association Conference, Minneapolis, MN



“EMDR and diversity: A panel presentation discussion,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed January 26, 2022, https://emdria.omeka.net/items/show/20174.

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