Role of EMDR in the rehabilitation of acid burn survivors


The Acid Survivors Foundation came into being in year 2006, with an aim of providing; medical, psychosocial and legal aid to the acid burn victims in order to, to stop the proliferation of acid violence. This paper will examine the role of EMDR in the psychosocial rehabilitation of acid burn victim along with critical discussions to how EMDR was used to treat the traumatic memories of the survivors for building up their self esteem in order to reintegrate them in mainstream of the society. Three subjects were chosen, two females and one male in their early twenties. They had nightmares, depression and hyper vigilance. All the eight phases of EMDR were performed with them, with very good results.






Khadija Tahir

Original Work Citation

Tahir, K. (2010, July). Role of EMDR in the rehabilitation of acid burn survivors. Symposium (Shamin Karim, Chair) conducted at the 1st EMDR Asia Conference, Bali, Indonesia



“Role of EMDR in the rehabilitation of acid burn survivors,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed January 21, 2021,

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