EMDR在中国的发展历程 EMDR development in China


本世纪初,EMDR引入中国,开始了八年艰苦发展历程:从人们对它一无所知,到现在有了自己的组织;从最初的30余人,到目前近200人参与学习和应用;从我国在国际EMDR领域上的空白,到开始听到中国EMDR专业人士的声音,并在亚洲EMDR组织中占有重要的一席之地。这一步一步走来,无不凝聚了中国EMDR治疗推动者们的心血与努力。今天,越来越多的专业人士开始关注EMDR的治疗效果,5.12地震带来的巨大灾难,更是凸显了EMDR在平复灾区民众心理创伤中的重要作用。 【作者单位】: 北京大学精神卫生研究所;北京大学心理学系;

From the people know nothing about it, and now have their own organizations; from the initial 30 people, nearly 200 people involved in the current study and applications; from EMDR in the international field of the blank, to begin to hear the voice of the Chinese professionals in EMDR and EMDR in Asia, occupies an important place in the organization. This step by step way, embodied the EMDR treatment of the Chinese efforts and the efforts of their promoters. Today, more and more professionals began to focus the therapeutic effect of EMDR, 5.12 enormous earthquake disaster, but also highlights the EMDR people in the affected areas to calm down the important role of psychological trauma.






Qiuyun Lv
Mingyi Qian

Original Work Citation

Lv, Q., & Qian, M. (2010, May). [EMDR development in China]. Journal of Xihua University, 29(5). Chinese



“EMDR在中国的发展历程 EMDR development in China,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 24, 2021, https://emdria.omeka.net/items/show/20499.

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