Work with parts in DID & EMDR


Work with Dissociative Identity Disorder is a complex therapy process. Many warnings have been made about using EMDR with this group of patients. But problems with EMDR therapy in DID are basically attributable to the risk always involved in working directly on traumatic memories in complex dissociative disorders. If we know the general principles of the treatment of dissociative disorders, we should be able to use EMDR safely. Work with alters or parts is a specific aspect of therapy in DID patients. This work should be used throughout the therapy stages: stabilization; trauma work; integration. In this workshop we will show how to implement EMDR protocols working with dissociative parts or alters in DID therapy. The exposition will be illustrated with clinical vignettes and short therapy fragments on video.






Anabel Gonzalez

Original Work Citation

Gonzalez, A. (2008, June). Work with parts in DID & EMDR. Presentation at the 2nd EMDR Europe Association Conference, London, UK



“Work with parts in DID & EMDR,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed August 4, 2021,

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