Targeting oppression: Engendering empowerment


This workshop continues the mission of the diversity mandate, as established by the EMDRIA Board in 2008, and is an elaboration, and more in -depth exploration of diversity issues in EMDR, begun at the 2009 EMDR International Conference in Atlanta and continued in the panel presentation in Minneapolis in 2010. It is a three hour presentation, and in keeping with the Conference theme, “The Many Faces of Trauma,” is entitled , “Targeting Oppression; Engendering Empowerment,” and looks in depth at intergenerational and internalized oppression that may present themselves in ways that clinicians have not been trained to look for or treat. The form for the symposium will be a short presentation on the psychological effects of oppression, racism and disempowerment, followed by presenters who work with African-American, Latino, LGBT, Native American, and Holocaust survivor communities. The thrust is to illustrate how larger issues in people’s histories manifest as issues of personal trauma in the clients we treat.






Uri Bergmann
Diane DesPlantes
Sharon Enjady
Joseph Fitzgerald 
K. Olivia Janis
Alicia A. Outcalt

Original Work Citation

Bergmann, U., DesPlantes, D., Enjady, S., Fitzgerald, J., Janis, K. O., & Outcalt, A. A. (2011, August). Targeting oppression: Engendering empowerment. Symposium (David Eliscu, Moderator) presented at 16th EMDR International Association Conference, Orange County, CA



“Targeting oppression: Engendering empowerment,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed September 26, 2021,

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