EMDR-AIP update and applications for EMDRIA approved consultants


Consultation is playing a larger role in EMDR training. It is necessary for completion of the basic training, for EMDRIA certification, and for becoming a Consultant. Participants will be able to cite EMDRIA’s definition of EMDR and apply it in consultation sessions; describe the concept of Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) as it informs the EMDR psychotherapy methodology; explain the 8-Phase/3-Prong Protocol through the AIP lens; and describe several coaching methods for use in EMDR consultation. The workshop will include lecture, handouts, and role-play of consultation situations, with time for questions from participants’ consulting experiences. This workshop will not discuss EMDRIA certification requirements or how to become a consultant.






Jennifer Lendl
Cynthia Kong

Original Work Citation

Lendl, J., & Kong, C. (2011, August). EMDR-AIP update and applications for EMDRIA approved consultants. Presentation at 16th EMDR International Association Conference, Orange County, CA



“EMDR-AIP update and applications for EMDRIA approved consultants,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed January 20, 2022, https://emdria.omeka.net/items/show/20874.

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