The power of EMDR: Evoking the self


Who is the author of PCs? Are they constructed during the assessment phase of treatment or do empowering, calming thoughts emerge during processing? Can we think of these compassionate, confident thoughts as the Self that has been described historically by Carl Jung and currently by Eckart Tolle? This workshop will offer surprising answers to these questions and suggest a new perspective on what really happens during EMDR processing. The Standard Protocol is not changed, but re-examined and extended with exciting treatment tools. Psychodrama, presenter/participant dialogues, role plays, small group discussion, and practicum experience make this a highly experiential training that is backed by cutting edge neurobiological research and solid theory from leaders in the field.






Karen Cohen-Posey

Original Work Citation

Cohen-Posey, K. (2011, May). The power of EMDR: Evoking the self. Presentation at the Israel EMDR Association



“The power of EMDR: Evoking the self,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed November 25, 2020,

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