EMDR protocols for ER and wards


When the patient is showing dissociative responses to the trauma, hysterical paralysis, fugue-like state, we don’t attempt EMDR. As the Patients are usually in the ER for many many hours (5-8) opportunities present themselves to assess the patients ability to communicate by various means. The EMDR-ER© Protocol is used with patients who do not seem able to move on to the ambulatory staging area (are still on gurney’s) and display difficulty in being able to re-assume normal- appropriate with the situation- physical and psychological, behavioral function Also EMDR is not used in the ER with patients who seem to have below borderline intelligence. I have used EMDR in the ER with patients whose language I didn’t know (Amharic for example), with an interpreter present with good results.






Judy Guedalia
Frances Yoeli

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Guedalia, J., & Yoeli, F. (2006, August). EMDR protocols for ER and wards. EMDR-Israel. Retrieved from http://www.emdr.org.il/dls/emergency/Mador%20Herum.Brief%20P.ER%20PROTOCOL.Gudalia.doc 6/13/2008



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