How memories keep us apart: The past is present


When I first began to develop EMDR therapy back in 1987, I experimented with everyone who was willing to volunteer. I'd ask: Do you have anything bothering you? Not surprisingly, everyone had something. Whether it was a problem at work or a fight at home, by having them concentrate on it and using the procedures, rapid change usually occurred. Fascinating connections were made, and it was like having a window into the brain. For instance, one of the things I found very interesting was that often the problem they were concentrating on would spontaneously connect in their minds to earlier memories that were related in some way. That's how I began to discover that the past was really present. [Excerpt]






Francine Shapiro

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Shapiro, F. (2012, February 5). How memories keep us apart: The past is present. Huffington Post. Retrieved from 2/5/2012



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