Focusing and the "power" therapies


While research is needed to prove what look to be dramatic effects, the attention of medical and psychological science is being captured by approaches which work with the "body,"such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Thought Field Therapy, and Emotional Freedom Techniques™. Focusing has always been a "body-based" therapy and has always, in the experience of we who practice focusing-oriented therapy, produced results much more dramatic than "just talking" therapy. What is the relationship between focusing, EMDR, TFT, and EFT? How are they similar/different? How can knowledge of focusing therapy integrate with and enhance the application of these new "power" therapies? Without claiming to be an expert in the new techniques, Dr. McGuire will demonstrate Focusing Therapy, EMDR, and EFT with audience volunteers and lead a discussion on inter-relationships. Other focusing-oriented therapists who are specialized in one of the power therapies would be welcome to participate. If others have submitted similar proposals, we could combine into a three-hour panel with demonstrations. 1.5 hrs. Kathy McGuire-Bouwman, PhD.






Kathleen McGuire-Bouwman

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McGuire-Bouwman, K. (1998). Focusing and the "power" therapies. Presentation at the 10th International Focusing Conference, Spring Valley, New York



“Focusing and the "power" therapies,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed June 17, 2021,

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