EMDR and chronic illnesses


Chronc diseases represent a complex area on the health-illness continuum. When a chronic disease is diagnosed, clients may require ongoing support to cope with life changes and management of their health. During this workshop, participants will be introduced to the general aspects of chronic diseases and how clients’psychological symptoms can be understood from the Adaptive Information Processing(AIP) model. Also, EMDR clinicians will learn how to structure an intervention for different types of chronic diseases, using the 8 steps of the Basic Protocol, identifying the key issues for each condition, according to a past-present-future timeline. Examples will be based on cancer, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS cases.

Learning objectives:
1.  Identify the challenges associated with chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS
2.  Utilize the Adaptative Information Processing (AIP) model to understand the psychological dimension of chronic diseases (e.g. anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, self-image issues, etcetera)
3.  Use the EMDR basic protocol to structure interventions suitable for people living with human health conditions.






Carlos Rivas

Original Work Citation

Rivas, C. (2012, April). EMDR and chronic illnesses. Presentation at the EMDR Canada Annual Conference, Montreal, QC




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