Love and punishment (EMDR healing educational violence)

Amour et châtiments (Comment l’EMDR peut soulager la violence éducative ordinaire)


Documentary Film in French with English subtitles- discussion following in French and English.

Film en français, sous-titres en anglais, suivi d’une discussion en français et anglais.

More and more people are concerned about one of the most radical sources of damage inflicted upon mankind; something which affects many children throughout the world, i.e., the emotional and cognitive damage to children caused by violence in their everyday , e.g. spankings, shouts and humiliation. The abolition of violence in a child’s daily education is one of the most important humanitarian steps for mankind, as it is a most effective way of fighting the perpetuation of violence in war and terrorism. Also, of importance is the treatment of children who have been the victims of violence in their everyday education. Presented in this film is a psychotherapeutic session, using the EMDR, on Mario Viana who struggled with spelling at school, and was consequently punished. Every spelling mistake was punished by a slap of a rod! Yves Duteil sings «The rights of every child»

Learning objective: 1. How to use EMDR to relieve the suffering caused by violence in every day education.






Michel Meignant

Original Work Citation

Meignant, M. (2012, April). Love and punishment (EMDR healing educational violence). Presentation at EMDR Canada Annual Conference, Montreal, QC.



“Love and punishment (EMDR healing educational violence)Amour et châtiments (Comment l’EMDR peut soulager la violence éducative ordinaire),” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed July 9, 2020,

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