Hypnosis and EMDR with athletes


My intention is to present a model of intervention in sport psychology that I have defined with the acronym O.R.A., using techniques of Gestalt therapy, EMDR protocol adapted to peak performance and Hypnosis Eriksoniana. The O.R.A model was conceived and developed from my working experience as a sport psychologist of elite athletes of various disciplines. ORA in Italian means NOW and the acronym stands for: Obiettivi (Objectives); Risorse (Resources); Autoefficacia (self-efficacy). Being myself an athlete and having had the opportunity to make an experience / internship of about 4 months at a sports center for professional athletes still continuing to follow a few, I could realize that it is important to them essentially a work of defining targets from which to identify the resources needed to achieve them through EMDR. This allows an increase of self-efficacy as one goes to work with the four sources identified by Bandura and that identify past successful experiences, the feelings connected, verbal persuasion and reference models. The work is enhanced by the use EMDR with hypnosis Eriksoniana that allows you to experience a future scenario more vividly, more multi-sensory experience where the athlete may be able to excel in his sport performance.






M. Simone

Original Work Citation

Simone, M. (2012, June). Hypnosis and EMDR with athletes. Poster presented at the 13th EMDR Europe Conference, Madrid, Spain



“Hypnosis and EMDR with athletes,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed June 20, 2021, https://emdria.omeka.net/items/show/21591.

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