EMDR treatment plan and survivors of child sexual abuse by clergy


The issue of sexual abuse by clergy is not a new phenomenon of concern. Sipe (1995, pg 10) states that in spite of all the good done by clergy for both children and adults there is an ancient awareness of the danger of and potential for their corruption. This workshop will consider some of the essential aspects of survivor’s experiences of sexual abuse perpetrated by clergy or religious from a psycho-traumatology perspective. It will explore the implications for using EMDR with this client group. The primary focus of the workshop will be upon the EMDR phases of: History taking (Case Conceptualisation), Preparation Phase, Implications for desensitisation and reprocessing and the wider implications for EMDR clinical practice.

Learning Objectives:
Consider the diagnostic and case conceptual frameworks relating to this specific client group informed by the Adaptive Information Processing model; Outline key aspects relating to phase 2 preparation and resource building; and Explore some of the implications for desensitization and reprocessing in relation to working with survivors of sexual abuse perpetrated by clergy.






Derek Farrell

Original Work Citation

Farrell, D. (2013, June). EMDR treatment plan and survivors of child sexual abuse by clergy. Presentation at the 14th EMDR Europe Association Conference, Geneva, Switzerland



“EMDR treatment plan and survivors of child sexual abuse by clergy,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed January 19, 2022, https://emdria.omeka.net/items/show/22029.

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