The use of dissociation in building resilience


This conference presentation abstract summarizes a paper that discusses the case of a 35 yr old male with a history of psychiatric problems including depression, substance abuse, aggressive behavior and a forensic history, as well as dissociative episodes. He had a history of multiple traumas in childhood when he received solace from an imaginary companion (IC). Facilitated by the use of EMDR, he was able to reconnect the IC who he thought had abandoned him in childhood. This provided him with the strength to continue treatment.


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Robert Cardish

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Cardish, R. (2000, November). The use of dissociation in building resilience. Presentation at the 17th International Society for the Study of Dissociation Fall Conference, San Antonio, TX. doi:10.1037/e609272012-069



“The use of dissociation in building resilience,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed April 14, 2021,

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