The use of EMDR in preverbal trauma


Psychological, somatic and medical problems often have their origins in more obscure beginnings. This EMDR workshop teaches a deep and comprehensive history taking and decision-making process to help the clinician choose the level of complexity to use in the face of a client’s distress. Thus enabling the clinician to help the client more quickly gain access to preverbal underlying factors, which may block healing. A clearer picture of the condition provides a clearer targeting sequence for EMDR processing. Participants will learn methods to work within the mind/body memory of, fetal or infant life and early preverbal years to retrieve trauma information. Examples of how EMDR Therapy easily integrates into other psychological methods, which have been used with this population, will be presented.






Phyllis Klaus

Original Work Citation

Klaus, P. (2013, September). The use of EMDR in preverbal trauma. Presentation at the 18th EMDR International Association Conference, Austin, TX



“The use of EMDR in preverbal trauma,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 26, 2021,

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