Emergency response procedure (ERP)Summary sheet: Emergency response procedure (ERP) (Luber)



The Emergency Response Procedure (ERP) was initially developed to help victims within hours of a terrorist attack, but can be applied in the minutes and hours following any trauma. Often, at that time, the patient has difficulty in orienting to the present after having experienced danger to self, family or friends. When the clinician reorients a person to their present state of safety with ERP, she is assisting in a crucial task of adaptation by helping the victim's brain to understand that the danger has passed and the person is safe in the present.


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Gary Quinn

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Quinn, G. (2014). Emergency response procedure (ERP). In M. Luber (Ed.), Implementing EMDR Early Mental Health Interventions for Man-Made and Natural Disasters: Models, Scripted Protocols, and Summary Sheets (pp. 143-155). New York, NY: Springer Publishing Co



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