How to build a trauma recovery network


This workshop was developed to help other EMDR clinicians be able to set up a Trauma Recovery Network in their local area. Since 2010, Trauma Recovery/HAP has worked with the Arizona EMDR Trauma Response & Recovery Network (AETR2N) and over 100 volunteer EMDR therapists in Arizona to develop a network ready and prepared to respond to local disasters and community crises. This workshop is meant to provide a history of the development of TRNs and provide practical information, guidelines and direction for other EMDR clinicians to form their own TRN. We will discuss the effectiveness of early EMDR interventions. We will explore how to utilize the guidelines that Trauma Recovery/HAP has set out for new TRNs to follow, adding helpful hints on how to implement them, and how to avoid some pitfalls along the way. Learning Objectives: 1. Describe the history and development of the Trauma Recovery Network movement 2. Describe HAP TRN policies, procedures, protocols, and the volunteers’ responsibilities 3. Identify steps to be taken in forming a local TRN






Julie Miller
Carol Martin

Original Work Citation

Miller, J., & Martin, C. (2014, May). How to build a trauma recovery network. Presentation at the EMDR Canada Annual Conference, Quebec City, QC



“How to build a trauma recovery network,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed January 28, 2022,

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