Attachment at the societal level: Reprocessing internalized stigma and oppression


“Insecure attachment” also occurs on the societal level. All peo-ple experience another profound attachment challenge as they seek to integrate into the larger society. Many of our clients have been marginalized due to socio-economic background, race/ethnicity, gender, physical abilities and appearance, men-tal health needs and more. The AIP model successfully predicts that the impact of internalized oppression can be identified and dismantled by building inner resources and reprocessing specif-ic memories associated with experiencing discrimination. This workshop will illuminate the often underlying importance of cultural context and social identity in treatment. EMDR-based strategies for undoing internalized stigma and oppression will be shared through clinical examples, videotaped sessions and feedback from the reports of over 60 therapists who explored these issues in training practica.






Mark Nickerson
Diane DesPlantes

Original Work Citation

Nickerson, M., & DesPlantes, D. (2012, May). Attachment at the societal level: Reprocessing internalized stigma and oppression. Presentation at the 8th Western Mass EMDRIA Regional Network Spring Conference, Amherst, MA




“Attachment at the societal level: Reprocessing internalized stigma and oppression,” Francine Shapiro Library, accessed October 23, 2020,

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